IMG_0030I started dancing at 18, with the specific goal of becoming a dance instructor. At the time, I needed a job and it was the only thing in the paper that didn’t require a car or a college degree. Four months later, following a very rigorous training schedule; 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, I began teaching.

I’ve had the opportunity to dance and study from both world and nationally ranked champions – so many lessons and so much money – it’s probably equivalent to a PhD!

I have competed in Canada, winning first place in Smooth and Standard, plus winning the North American Championship title with two different partners.  Since the start of my career, I have competed and won many prominent United States dance competitions, and have danced in Blackpool, England – the mecca of the dance world.

I love the International Standard dance style for it’s structure and regimen, American Smooth for it’s jazzy side, Theatre Arts for the lifts and danger it presents, and American Rhythm for the fun and style it provides.

In particular, I have a passion for working with wedding couples. Teaching wedding couples to dance, often couples that have never danced before, is a unique and rewarding experience. Each couple is different, and l love helping them express their love through dance.

I currently live in Dormont in my family home – a small city house that’s 75 years young. In my free time, I love to read, cook, go antique shopping, camp, hike, and love pretty much anything outdoors!